The dynamic energy of volcanic soil and the choice of organic cultivation to fulfill the duty of kindness with nature, are the basis of a wine with a unique taste and not homologated in which we firmly believe.

Agricola San Teodoro was founded in 2004, when Giuseppe, founder of the winery, proposed to his brother Pietro to help him in the conversion of some family land to dedicate them to the cultivation of vines.

In 2007, the project takes shape, the first bottles of Aglianico and Falanghina di Roccamonfina are bottled
The choice to focus on two native vines, so characterized by volcanic soil, allow the company to be known and progressively enrich the range of products with the Galluccio PDO red and white and fiano IGP.

The Santoro brothers, living more and more intensely the daily life of the countryside, surrounded by the uncontaminated frame of the volcano, over time, in addition to increasing capacity and experience, are convinced towards organic cultivation to be in consistent harmony with such a precious ecosystem.

azienda agricola San Teodoro- la famiglia

Pietro carefully follows the entire production chain: from the care of the vineyards to bottling, while Giuseppe creates and leads the commercial network of the company.
The conversion to organic began in 2008 with the entry into the bio control system.
In 2011, the production of organic wine began and the company completely converted.
From 2018, Giuseppe’s eldest son, Giovanni, after his agronomic studies, joined his father and uncle Pietro in the cellar.

Today, Giovanni, weaned to listen and the continuous search for the balance between natural organisms, under the guidance and expert gaze of Pietro, follows the whole part related to the care of the vineyards and production.